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IBM 000-316 Exam content details

000-316 Test information:

Number of questions: 57

Time allowed in minutes: 120

Required passing score: 57%

The test consists of six sections containing a total of approximately 57 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.


Section 1 – Programming Model and Design (21%)

Section 2 – Component Implementation (30%)

Section 3 – Human Tasks (11%)

Section 4 – Connectivity (12%)

Section 5 – Component Assembly and Configuration (12%)

Section 6 – Application Testing and Debugging (14%)


More details about IBM 000-316 exam can be found here.


For example:

An insurance company is building a state machine for accident claims processing. Before a claim can be paid, an accident investigator must sign off on any filed claims. If an investigator rejects a claim, the claim should be returned to the agent that filed the claim for further processing. Which statements describe an approach that should be considered?

A.Create states called Claim and Investigate. Transition from Investigate to Claim when a claim  is rejected.

B.Create states called Claim, Investigate, and Reclaim. Transition from Investigate to Reclaim when a claim is rejected.

C.Create states called Claim and Investigate. Transition from Investigate to Terminate when a claim is rejected. Restart the state machine on a rejection and return to Claim.

D.Create a state called Process. Transition to a human task called Investigate for the investigator. Transition from the human task to Final state. Restart the state machine on a rejection and  return to Process.

Answer. A


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