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CIW 1D0-541 Exam

The 1D0-541 exam tests the following knowledge domains:

Domain 1: Relational Database Fundamentals

Objective 1-1: Identify basic database types and management systems.

Objective 1-2: List common database languages and their purposes, and identify language subsets of Structured Query Language (SQL).

Objective 1-3: Identify relational data modeling schemas, characteristics and manipulation.

 Domain 2: Relational Database Design and Application

Objective 2-1: Identify the steps of the database planning life cycle.

Objective 2-2: Identify the activities in the conceptual design phase of a database.

 Domain 3: Normalization and Database Design

Objective 3-1: Apply normalization techniques and processes.

Objective 3-2: Describe logical database design steps and practices.

Objective 3-3: Interpret logical data models into a physical data model that can be implemented by a particular database management system (DBMS).

 Domain 4: Structured Query Language (SQL)

Objective 4-1: Identify SQL commands and syntax.

Objective 4-2: Create statements using Data Definition Language (DDL).

Objective 4-3: Form commands using Data Manipulation Language (DML).

Objective 4-4: Use Data Control Language (DCL) statements to control the access to data in a database and to grant users permissions for data operations.

 Domain 5: Relational Algebra and Databases

Objective 5-1: Define and describe the use of relational algebra in order to create new relationships from existing database relations.

Objective 5-2: Compose joins in a database.

Domain 6: Transactions, Currency Control and Database Security

Objective 6-1: Create transactions and enable currency control.

Objective 6-2: Identify elements of database security.

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