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Novell Certification

Master CNE is the highest available certification in the IT industry. As a Master CNE, should be able to cross the complex network of different platforms to provide solutions for high-level skills. Master CNE training gives you more knowledge and skills.  Use of such knowledge and skills, you can provide to solve the issue of network interconnection, integration and management of complex network solutions. A Master CNE should be strict to provide customers with integrated solutions and flexible network management program. Enterprises rely on the staff with the CNE certification, through the establishment of safety management of Intranet / Internet site, its network infrastructure will be unable to handle the needs of today’s Internet network of networks. You can according to their own interest, customer base and business needs to select more than one Master CNE courses. Various professional would like to enable you to use a variety of different technologies and network products, customer service, play the role of technology integration experts. You can choose one or more of the following courses: Client / Network Solutions: AS/400 UNIX or Windows NT Integrated Intranet / Intrane Solutions Network Internet communications network management








Master CNE training gives you access to the knowledge and skills which will enable you to work to provide a higher level of environmental support. Master CNE is a network of multi-vendor industry integration experts who are available to deal with integration issues, including: NDS integration with suppliers and more cross-platform application server management network and to find fault system updates the print management services and advanced remote network print management arrangements for the database configuration to use LAN applications, routing and bridging the management of remote server database integration to create complex documents security group to design and implement procedures to maintain data sets



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