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Cisco V Juniper?

I think people play safe buying Cisco, as it is the no.1 in routers. Nobody in IT is going to get fired for buying Cisco, but if you specified another vendor and things go wrong you could become a scapegoat! I don’t have detailed working knowledge of either vendor, although I do work in the telecomms arena (the BT21CN network). BT are using both Cisco and Juniper routers in their new 21CN network. It seems that Juniper have the edge over Cisco for the high performance routers (M320). BT are using Cisco for the smaller routers and as one of the vendors for BRAS products (broadband remote access server). BT needs 99.999% reliability and have confidence in both vendors, so I suppose it comes down to which vendor offers you the best overall solution to meet your needs at the best price.

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