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Security Certified Program (SCP) SC0-502 Exam

The Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards establish the global benchmark for service excellence. Developed by Service Strategies, in cooperation with approximately 50 leading service and support organizations from around the world, the SCP Standards have enhanced the capabilities and performance of service operations worldwide since 1998.

SCP Standards provide more than a simple quality program. They establish a community of companies committed to delivering exceptional service and support. The standards, which address the four distinct disciplines of support, eservice, field service and professional services, provide the framework for measuring performance, implementing best practices, and leveraging a network of professionals actively engaged in enhancing the quality of their  operations. Service Strategies applies a proven benchmark process to update the SCP Standards annually, thereby ensuring they stay current with evolving industry trends.

For example:

You had been taking a short vacation, and when you come into work on Monday morning, Blue is already at your door, waiting to talk to you. “We’ve got a problem,” Blue says, “It seems that the password used by our Vice President of Engineering has been compromised. Over the weekend, we found this account had logged into the network 25 times. The Vice President was not even in the office over the weekend.” “Did we get the source of the compromise yet?”

“No, but it won’t surprise me if it is our new neighbors at MassiveCorp. I need to you to come up with a realistic plan and bring it to me tomorrow afternoon. This problem must be resolved, and like everything else we do not have unlimited funds – so keep that in mind.”

Based on this information, choose the best solution to the password local authentication problem in the Executive building.}

Answer: Since you are aware of the significance of the password problems, you plan to address the problem using technology. You write up a plan for Blue that includes the following points:

1. For all executives you recommend no longer using passwords, and instead migrating to a token-based authentication system.

2. You will install the RSA SecurID time-based token system.

3. You will create SecurID user records for each user to match their domain accounts.

4. You will assign each user record a unique token.

5. You will hand deliver the tokens to the correct executive.

6. Users will be allowed to create their own PIN, which will be 4 characters long.

7. The tokens will replace all passwords for authentication into each user’s Windows system.


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