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A new generation of Web

160-3202In the new generation of web, the value of information technology will get higher level through software upgrade, and more and more to be provided by services.
What is the web today? After opening the site, the majority things we see are texts and pictures, or the superposition of animation. What we have done is to stay before  the computers, and to observe the directory. What will the web be in the future? It has a wealth of features, with a variety of interactive, multi-network, a variety of settings, mobile content and personalized features.
1, It can be through a variety of equipment to access web, just like a PC, or WAP mobile phones, and may also be a home TV set.

2, Mobile content, the site is mostly dead now.

3, Personalized. Many websites look the same. However, it is hoped that when I open the site to see a variety of news and information. There are a variety of sources, that is, combination of a lot of website content.

4, Different networks should have an unlimited number of changes in the network, just like IT network, Cable, Communications and so on. These are the interconnection of networks.

5, Process to deal with and the services. To view things in the network must support the business operation. At this  time, service is very important.

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