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The important questions about your HP certificates

How long do I need to wait for getting related document and certificate after I have passed the exam?

During eight weeks after you passed the exam, you will get HP certificates. You can also use the following mailbox to consult your certificate. When you consult this, the email should include your name, name of company, contact address, telephone number, mailbox and ID number or registration No. of Sylvan.


How can I keep my owned certification?

When your certification still belong to current certification, it will be valid all the time. The definition of certification is that the exam you passed is the latest one, and it is not canceled. HP company will cancel some outdated certification exam now and then. Therefore, for HP certification experts and high experts, they have to take the current exam in order to keep the efficiency of the certificates.


Who can be charge of the efficiency of my certificates?

Yourself. When one certification exam will be canceled or has been canceled, HP company will tell you through HP certification website and send an email to you. If one person has to take part in new certification exam in order to keep the validity of his certificate, HP company will send an email to him.

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